Canadian Acromegaly Registry

The Canadian Acromegaly Registry is a Canada-wide registry that collects information from people diagnosed with acromegaly. Information on quality of life is collected directly from the patients and medical information is collected in specialty medical clinics. The information is then used in a variety of ways to better understand acromegaly and improve how the disease is diagnosed and treated.

Some potential benefits of joining the Canadian Acromegaly Registry include:

  • Help find meaningful treatments for acromegaly
  • Help improve care for individuals affected by acromegaly
  • Learn about other important research in acromegaly

Anyone living with acromegaly and residing in Canada is eligible to join. Your participation in the registry is completely voluntary, confidential, and free of charge. You can withdraw at any time.

To learn more about the registry and how to participate, watch the video or review the posters below. For even more info and to join the registry, visit