Local Support Groups

With a rare disease, finding other patients to talk to can make a world of difference.

Local support groups across Canada arrange meet-ups, where you can connect with others to share stories, discuss ways to manage your health, explore community resources, and find opportunities to raise awareness.

Contact: Peggy McDonald

Email: mmm.mmd@ns.sympatico.ca

Contact: Dianne Sauvé

Email: acromegalyottawa@gmail.com

Contact: Mark Logtenberg

Email: acromegalyontario@gmail.com

Contact: Adam Vagi & Doug Walker

Email: acromegalymanitoba.saskatchewan@hotmail.com

Contact: Deanna Badiuk

Email: dbadiuk16@shaw.ca or acromegalywest@gmail.com

Don’t see your region above? Contact us–we can help connect you to others in your area and offer guidance if you’d like to start your own support group.