Patient Support Programs

Many pharmaceutical companies offer optional programs to help patients and their caregivers with navigating access to medications for acromegaly, including financial assistance.

Below, you’ll find links to the patient support programs for many of the drug-based treatments for acromegaly. Please note that this content has been provided by the programs themselves. For further information, please reach out to the program directly via their supplied contact information.

Sandostatin® LAR: Novartis ACCESS Support Program

For Sandostatin® LAR, the ACCESS Support Program is an optional patient support service offered by Novartis.

Through healthcare provider enrolment in this free program, patients gain access to:

  • Sandostatin® LAR Clinic injection
  • Experts who will help in finding reimbursement for the patient’s Sandostatin® LAR prescription
  • Financial assistance with the patient’s copay/deductible (if eligible)

This service complements the care provided by doctors and clinic nurses but doesn’t replace their expert care and opinions. In fact, the ACCESS Support Program provides them with regular feedback to ensure that they’re always aware and in charge of their care. Note that the program is entirely optional. Patients are encouraged to take the time to decide whether the ACCESS Support Program is right for them.

For any inquiries, the ACCESS Support Program can be reached by calling 1-866-281-4688 (8 am – 6 pm EST) or by visiting this website.

Signifor LAR®: Recordati Rare Diseases Patient Support Program

The Recordati Rare Diseases Patient Support Program helps with:

  • Insurance confirmation: Confirming if insurance companies will cover medication costs and understanding insurance plan benefits.
  • Approval checks: Working with doctors’ offices and insurance companies if additional approvals are needed.
  • Medication Q&A: Answering any questions related to accessing medications.
  • Coverage research: Researching alternative forms of medication coverage, or getting referrals to other possible sources of funding.

To learn more about the patient support program for Signifor LAR®, please contact:

Tel: 1-833-831-2068
Fax: 1-888-221-2505

Somatuline® Autogel®: IPSEN CARES® Patient Support Program

The program offers an array of services to assist you along your treatment journey.

Reimbursement specialists to assist you with:

  • Investigating financial access options
  • Submitting applications for drug coverage

At-home medication delivery:

  • Optional home delivery of medication
  • In-depth product counselling by a certified pharmacist (if dispensed through the program)

At-home injection training:

  • Injection training for you or your caregiver will be provided by IPSEN CARES® Registered Nurses if you wish to self-administer

IPSEN CARES® welcome kit:

  • Includes materials to support your treatment journey

Registered Nurse case managers:

  • Provide treatment education and support
  • Coordinate your injection schedules in a clinic or in your home

Injection support is provided for:

  • At-home injections by:
    • A Registered Nurse
    • Yourself*
    • A trained caregiver* OR
  • Injections at clinic by a Registered Nurse
    *All required training will be provided by IPSEN CARES® Registered Nurses

Call centre service:

  • Offers ongoing support for you and your healthcare provider team
  • All inquiries will be responded to within 1 business day
  • Contact us at: 1-855-215-2288 (Option 1)

Learn more by visiting the IPSEN CARES® website.

SOMAVERT®: SOMAVERT® Support Program

The SOMAVERT® Support Program connects you with a network of skilled professionals offering assistance with drug reimbursement, injection training services, optional pharmacy service, and a full range of patient support tools. There is also a SOMAVERT® Support Program number you can call to speak with a trained specialist at 1-877-662-8373.

Your doctor or nurse will enroll you in the SOMAVERT® Support Program with your prescription and health insurance information. A program specialist will then be contacting you within three business days to welcome you, collect your insurance information, explain the program services, and answer any of your initial questions. The program is entirely free.

Click here to access more information on the SOMAVERT® Support Program. You’ll need to enter the DIN 02272199 for access to the resources on the website–the image below shows where to enter the information on the SOMAVERT® Support Program website.